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Some within Pelicans want team to wait past trade deadline on Anthony Davis trade

The Anthony Davis trade drama continues to drag on, with no sign of either the Los Angeles Lakers or New Orleans Pelicans budging from the latest offer. ESPN’s Adrian Wojarnowski broke the news that the Lakers were willing to part ways with almost their entire young core to acquire Davis, but the Pelicans are not jumping to accept the deal.

In fact, Wojarnowski has now reported that many in New Orleans want to keep the franchise moving forward, even though he has made it known that he will not be resigning with the team:

“The New Orleans Pelicans are engaging with the Los Angeles Lakers in talks on a trade for All-NBA star Anthony Davis, but president Magic Johnson must still overcome significant support within the Pelicans organization to let Thursday’s deadline expire with Davis remaining on the roster, league sources told ESPN.”

The Lakers have come on aggressively with such a heavy trade offer, but the Pelicans can simply wait them out. Word around the league is that New Orleans would like to wait until they can make a deal with the Boston Celtics, as they covet young star Jayson Tatum.

The Pelicans have a momentous decision to make. In just a few days, they will have to make a call that will shape the franchise for years to come. Stay tuned to see if and when they trade Davis.