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Pelicans’ Zion Williamson trade rumors get savage fake news treatment from Tomas Satoransky

Zion Williamson Tomas Satoransky Pelicans trade

It seems like the New Orleans Pelicans simply cannot evade trade rumors surrounding their best players. Similar to Chris Paul and Anthony Davis in the past, there was a report in June of this year that Zion Williamson and his family are unhappy in New Orleans and would prefer to be traded.

Pelicans fans around the globe had deja vu to previous situations, but no other reports saying anything similar to that have been revealed since then.

One Pelicans player was very upset to hear about these rumors. New addition Tomas Satoransky was speaking to Czech Daily Sport and addressed these rumors in a savage way, pronouncing them fake news.

Via Lukas Kuba:

I have a feeling that some American media which cover the NBA want to break up teams and create fake stories so that something’s happening. This one’s dissatisfied, this one wants to leave – and most of the time the truth is elsewhere or in the middle. It’s definitely not true that Zion in his third season is thinking about not having good players around him. I’m convinced of that.

Satoransky clearly did not take kindly to the report in the media and he did not hold back when criticizing the media. It goes in the favor of his argument that, as it was stated above, no other reports came after the one in June. However, when it comes to the Pelicans, everything is possible, even a Zion Williamson trade down the line.