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Penn State talent Pat Freiermuth explains how school is ‘fighting for families’

Penn State, Pat Freiermuth

The Penn State Nittany Lions are all set to open their campaign following months of unprecedented delays brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Tight end Pat Freiermuth is potentially on his final year with the squad, and unfortunately for him, it isn’t likely that he will have his family to support him during his final games for Penn State.

Much like most other states in the United States, Massachusetts also implements a strict set of protocols for anyone and everyone entering the state. Among other requirements, visitors must quarantine for 14 days, and of course, produce a negative test result for COVID-19. This has proven to be a major hurdle for the players’ families that do not reside in Massachusetts. For his part, however, Freiermuth expressed how his school continues to fight for the rights of the families and parents to support their kids:

“They teach and can’t miss class, and if they came to Pennsylvania they would have to figure out rapid testing,” Freiermuth told the media this week via Zoom (h/t Gianna Galli of Atloona Mirror). “I appreciate my mom and my dad for doing what’s right, and it’s very sad that they might not be able to come to any games because they haven’t missed my whole time here.

“They’re continuing to fight for other parents to come see their kids play and aren’t selfish about things,” he said. “I’m really happy that I can call them my mom and dad.”

There’s really no one to blame for this issue. It is only right that the state implements stringent measures so as to prevent the further spread of the deadly virus. The biggest takeaway here is that Penn State deserves a ton of credit for doing everything in their power to give the parents a chance to see their kids play.