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Pistons’ Dwane Casey calls upcoming games ‘stretch from hell’

Dwane Casey, Pistons

For Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey, his team’s upcoming games is a ‘stretch from hell.’

The Pistons have lost five straight games and sport a 13-12 record. However, things aren’t going to be easier for them as they have scheduled matches against the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks after their Wednesday clash with the Charlotte Hornets.

Dwane Casey acknowledged his team’s struggles after their recent loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. And while he has noted that it’s been a tough stretch for them so far, the Pistons coach maintained a positive perspective.

“We are trying to get every bit of positive out of this stretch,” Casey told reporters after Monday’s 116-102 loss at Philadelphia, per Yahoo Sports. “This is the stretch from hell, but again this is going to make us a better team, closer together, tougher hopefully.”

The last five games have been undoubtedly tough. They were up against one of the better teams in the league, facing the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Milwaukee Bucks and the New Orleans Pelicans. Detroit also faced the Sixers twice in that stretch.

However, Casey encouraged his players to pick up themselves and keep a winning mindset despite the slump.

“It should make us tougher because this feeling doesn’t feel good and I told our players, ‘The only people who can pick ourselves out by the bootstraps are ourselves.’ And it wasn’t too long ago when Philadelphia was feeling this way almost every other night. But now look at them. They kept building habits, kept building culture, a winning mindset, and now look where they are now. That’s where we want to build once everyone gets back and gets healthy,” Casey added.

Prior to their five-slump, the Pistons had won five straight — which pretty much caught the rest of the NBA by surprise. Now, it’s up in the air how will the players respond to Casey’s encouragement as they try to finish their brutal stretch of highly competitive games.