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Pistons’ Rasheed Wallace says 2004 title team would crush current NBA squads

Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace has never been afraid to speak his mind, and he was at it again on Monday during Nike’s “Champions Think 16“media interview.

Nike is releasing 16 shoes of former champions and included in that group is Wallace who will have his Air Force 1 High Retro “Rude Awakening.

He was asked a lot of questions about shoes and his time in the NBA, and one of his most interesting responses when he proclaimed that the 2004 Pistons squad would crush any of the current NBA squads.

“Oh, we would crush ‘em. We could crush it ‘cause we played defense. That’s what we hung our hat on night in and night out was defense. We not gon’ let no one come in and score 140 something points or let one individual player score 55 points. Nah, that’s not happening.”

The 2003-04 squad was coached by Larry Brown and had Ben Wallace, Chauncy Billips, Richard Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince. They beat the favored Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals to win the title.

For the Pistons, that year they really did focus on the defensive side of the floor. They gave up 84.3 points per game which was first in the NBA. One of the places they were really good on the defensive end was limiting three-pointers made. Opponents made only 30.2 percent of the shots they attempted from deep.

The 84.3 points per game the Pistons gave up per game would place them first in points allowed this year and by a wide margin. The San Antonio Spurs currently give up the least amount of points in the NBA but they are still giving up 99.6 points per game.

It would be interesting to see if that Pistons team was inserted in today’s NBA. Would they be able to play their defensive style of play and slow down the pace? Or would they get sped up by today’s NBA?