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Pistons news: Stanley Johnson tapes Andre Drummond in all his sleeping glory

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond lived his 24th birthday to the fullest on Thursday, in company of friends, teammates, and some campers at the NBPA camp, even getting his NBA 2K rating a few hours prior to the big day.

But the Detroit Pistons big dipper didn’t see a good-hearted prank coming his way at the end of the day, when he fell asleep — mouth agape and all.

His teammate Stanley Johnson got it all on tape, with some posing in the background to boot.

To each their own, but if this is how the Pistons choose to bond, then so be it, as head coach Stan Van Gundy has made it a point to reach out to each returning player individually and set goals for them this offseason.

Johnson and Drummond are two key pieces that must show up in a big way in 2017-18 if the Motor City hopes to find itself in the postseason race come next April.