Classic Pop strikes again. Coach Gregg Popovich is known for giving short, simple answers to reporters who ask obvious questions. Sometimes it comes in the form of a one liner, and sometimes in the form of straight faced sarcasm.

Prior to tonight’s match up between San Antonio and OKC with his team on the brink of elimination, Coach Pop answered a few questions and decided to reveal his secret game plan to force a Game 7 to reporters:

Well we’re working on inventing a new play that nobody’s ever seen before. We’re going to unleash it tonight. The Thunder won’t know what the hell is going on,” Popovich said

Just Popovich things 😂

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Everyone who anxiously heard his answer laughed. Coach Pop has a great sense of humor, and he loves to poke fun at reporters’ questions. It was a timely joke as only he can pull off in his own style

But, was he really joking?

That’s the thing about Coach Pop. You never really know what he’s thinking.