Post Malone on Allen Iverson's consistent absence with BIG3 League
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Post Malone on Allen Iverson’s consistent absence with BIG3 League

Allen Iverson Big3

Rapper Post Malone recently spoke with TMZ to weigh in on the latest Allen Iverson controversy. Malone is a huge fan of Iverson as many are due to his cultural impact, but that doesn’t stop him from pointing out the truth about the man he refers to as a hero to himself.

Iverson had gone MIA during a BIG3 game in Dallas last week which caused a buzz around the league and in basketball circles. Bitter disappointment for the fans caused half of the arena to exit early in disgust.

It was not a surprise due to the fact that Iverson is such an important piece of helping the league launch and drawing crowds who hope to get a glimpse of their favorite legend one more time, even if it’s not in the NBA.

That absence brought on an investigation and ultimately a one game suspension for Iverson who disappeared without notice only to be found in a casino and a candy shop. He later apologized for his actions, but one of his biggest fans view the situation as just another bump in the road.

Malone told TMZ that it comes with the territory when dealing with Iverson and fans should know better:

He’s Allen, he’s a guy, he can do whatever he wants. He’s a wild boy. You can never stop him. what are you going to tell him?

It’s important for him to express himself the way he wants to.

While that may seem a bit extreme and it is, there is also some truth that lies in his statements. Iverson has had incidents in the past where he did what he wanted and when he wanted, and dealt with the consequences when they came. While Iverson always argued that he feels as though he is misunderstood, his past won’t stop following him whenever there are controversies.