Prince William, known for his occasional dance floor antics, recently showed off his moves during Taylor Swift's Eras Tour stop in London, per People. The 42-year-old royal was spotted grooving to Swift's hit song “Shake It Off” alongside Princess Charlotte, who joined in the fun during the concert held on June 21.

A Night of Star-Studded Selfies and Birthday Cheer

During the eventful evening, Swift took a moment to capture a memorable selfie with Prince William, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George. The snapshot, shared on social media by the Prince and Princess of Wales' official account, showcased the singer beaming alongside the royal siblings and their father.

Swift, no stranger to mingling with royalty, also posed for another selfie with NFL star Travis Kelce and the royal family. The photo, taken during the same London show, featured Prince William flashing a grin while Kelce and Swift stood beside him, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte also making appearances in the frame.

The Eras Tour's London stop was not only a musical delight but also a moment of family bonding for Prince William and his children. Swift's performance evidently brought joy to the royal family, as they enthusiastically enjoyed the concert together.

Prince William's affinity for music and his willingness to join in on the festivities were evident during the event. His previous karaoke performance of Jon Bon Jovi's “Livin' on a Prayer” at a Kensington Palace fundraiser in 2013 showcased his playful side, and he recalled the unexpected invitation from Swift during a podcast interview in 2021, where she encouraged him to join her onstage.

Missing the Whole Fam

While Prince Louis, the youngest of William and Kate Middleton's children, likely stayed home during the concert, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George made the most of the evening, soaking in Swift's energetic performance and the vibrant atmosphere.

Kate Middleton, who has been focused on her cancer treatment and has made fewer public appearances recently, joined the family for Trooping the Colour on June 15, marking her first outing with the royals since Christmas.

Swift's connection with the royal family extended beyond the concert venue. Earlier in the day, the royal guard at Buckingham Palace serenaded her with a rendition of “Shake It Off,” further highlighting the excitement surrounding her visit to London.

As Swift continues her Eras Tour, which has captivated audiences globally, her interactions with Prince William and his family add to the memorable moments of her musical journey. The London stop, with its blend of star-studded selfies and royal enthusiasm, underscored the universal appeal of Swift's music and the joy it brings to fans worldwide.