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PS5 overtakes the Nintendo Switch as best-selling console in the US

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 has officially outsold the Nintendo Switch, 33 months after the Switch claimed the throne.

PS5 sales have been on the rise over the past year, thanks to its desirability and increased demands due to shortages. For September 2021, the PS5 has overtaken the Nintendo Switch in terms of sales. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch still beats the PS5 in terms of units sold.

The report comes from the US NPD Group, which has been broken down by NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. On Twitter, Piscatella says:

“PlayStation 5 was the best-selling hardware platform of September in both units and dollars. PlayStation 5 is the best-selling hardware platform of 2021 year-to-date in dollars, while Nintendo Switch leads in units.”

The same report also found that US consumers have spent more money on gaming hardware in September 2021, spiking by 49% to $412 million, as compared to last year. Meanwhile, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller was the top-selling accessory in September but still hasn’t outsold the PS5 white DualSense controller as the top-selling accessory of 2021.

The PS5’s popularity will continue to increase its position amongst its peers. The PS5 continues to be in a shortage entering Q4 2021, as a combination of material shortage and scalping. If you want a surer way to get one, consider getting Amazon Prime.