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PSG star Lionel Messi’s new destination has Michael Jordan getting paid

Micheal Jordan, PSG, Lionel Messi, Bulls, Hornets

Lionel Messi made the shocking departure from Barcelona and landed a new deal with Paris Saint-Germain after a huge wave went through the soccer world. Messi sported his new blue PSG threads, and the fans went wild as the Barca faithful mourned from the departure of the superstar.

Well, it turns out that Charlotte Hornets owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan is reaping some benefits from Messi’s switch to PSG. In fact, Jordan has been getting paid some serious cash. 

That is a ton of money that Jordan has made from Messi signing with PSG, and the rich keeping getting richer.

According to Joe Pompliano, Jordan has made more money from Messi’s PSG jerseys than the GOAT did during his entire NBA career.

Jordan keeps making the right moves for his post-playing career and continues to find interesting ways to rake in money. As for Messi, he signed an absurd two-year deal worth $102 million to join Paris Saint-Germain, and the French team is absolutely thrilled to bring one of the greatest to ever do it on board.

So, in conclusion, Messi is getting paid, and Jordan is also getting paid after Lionel Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona and start a new chapter in his legendary career.