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PUBG Mobile and Free Fire developer works on open-world zombie survival game, Undawn

Garena, Tencent, Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile

There’s no shortage of zombies in movies, television, or video games. Now, the studio behind PUBG MObile and Free Fire looks to add more to the massive collection of zombie media. Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios officially announced Undawn, an upcoming open-world zombie survival game. The studio did not divulge too many details about the game. However, the studio clarified that the third-person shooter supports cross-play between mobile and PC.


Lightspeed & Quantum hold an abundance of experience developing apps for mobile. They launched PUBG on Android and iOS following a lukewarm PC release.

Undawn takes players on a post-apocalyptic adventure infested with zombies. The game includes both player-vs-player and player-vs-environment modes for all to enjoy. Players get to fend off waves of zombies as they explore the world of Undawn. Additionally, the studio promised base-building and management mechanics but the extent of the game’s mechanics remains a mystery at this point in time. It’s definitely shaping up to be an exciting co-op and competitive game for mobile and PC players.

The website confirms Garena as the publisher of the open-world zombie survival game. The game most likely launches on the Garena client once it releases officially.

The team behind Undawn began rolling out teasers for the game towards the end of last month. Hopefully, we can all expect more updates from Lightspeed & Quantum, and Garena as we approach the game’s release.

Undawn’s official website showcased a number of areas for players to enjoy in the game. Additionally, it will also feature different types of undead enemies to fight off. The appeal of zombie games lies in the strategy required when facing off multiple zombie types. Naturally, we’ll only know how well the game is made when we see actual gameplay footage.

Undawn will first release on alpha for Android before any further announcements for a proper release will be made.