Quest Master will be arriving on Steam with an Early Access build in Q3 2023, with a Nintendo Switch version launching alongside version 1.0.

The Legend of Zelda-inspired dungeon-designing sandbox adventure game finally has an Early Access release schedule, as it has been revealed during the recent Guerrilla Collective showcase that the game will be arriving on Steam through Early Access Q3 20232. An exact Quest Master release date has not yet been revealed yet, but it’s expected to also come out on the Nintendo Switch when the full version is released. For now, players can wishlist the game on Steam, which will help the developers Skydevilpalm garner more support and prove to their publisher Apogee Entertainment that the game is worth investing in.

In Quest Master, players get to create and design their own dungeons filled with monsters, fauna, flora, and traps. Apart from having an intuitive level creator that allows players to create amazing levels, players will also be able to design overworld-connected quest lines, develop epic narratives with fully-functioning NPCs, and customizable signs with a plethora of dialogue options.

Players will then be able to explore and beat their own dungeons through a top-down adventure style akin to the older Zelda games or try out the dungeons and campaigns created by other players.

It is dangerous to go out there alone, so Quest Master also features up to 3-player co-op multiplayer sessions. Not only can players share their created dungeons and campaigns with each other, but they can also share the experience of exploring these dungeons together and defeating the monsters and opponents within.

“Quest Master hands over the controls to the players to make whatever they want,” says Quest Master Lead Developer Julian Creutz. “The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see all kinds of wacky dungeons and full-blown adventures players are able to come up with.”

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