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R6 Extraction bleeds into R6 Siege with a month-long event

R6 Siege Contagion key visual

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise will get a crossover between its most popular title and an upcoming title. Rainbow Six Extraction will seep into Rainbow Six Siege in a month-long event coming in this week. It will be called the “Containment Event.”

Ubisoft announced the collaboration event through a trailer.

The trailer showed off some of the monsters that you’d fight in Rainbow Six Extraction. The game, which has been delayed to 2022, will feature alien-like enemies that act kind of like zombies. These monsters have shown up in R6 Siege in its Containment Event, marking the monsters’ in-game debut not on Extraction, but on Siege.

Players will be able to queue for the event and play in PvE matches, taking out the monsters. The R6 Siege event will also let players acquire the Nomad Hive Mind Set from August 17-24. To earn this, players will just have to win ten rounds of the PvE match. The Hive mind Set looks really cool, with hexagonal patterns marking the suit in yellow, white, and black patches.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Containment Event will run from August 3 to 24, 2021. Get an early taste of how Rainbow Six Extraction will play out through this R6 Siege collaboration event.