Raiders news: Antonio Brown practices with certified helmet, Jon Gruden says he's 'all in'
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Raiders WR Antonio Brown practices with certified helmet, Jon Gruden says he’s ‘all in’

Antonio Brown

The saga surrounding Antonio Brown and his helmet disputes continue, but the Oakland Raiders receiver was recently at the latest training camp practice with the team, and in a brand new helmet.

Speaking to the media following the team’s latest practice, Raiders coach Jon Gruden confirmed that Brown was at practice, and in a new, certified helmet.

Gruden went on to say that he believes Brown is “all in” and ready to go, and doesn’t believe that the foot issues that have kept the superstar from practicing are an issue anymore.

Although it seemed as if Brown still wouldn’t be practicing with the team – he was seen walking off the field when players put their helmets on – it looks like Brown did end up joining in. Although Brown recently filed a new grievance against the NFL, it seems as if he’s at least willing to practice with a new helmet on, for the time being.

For those unaware, Brown has been locked into a battle with the NFL over his helmet for nearly a month. He’s played his entire NFL career with the same helmet, but the league has since disallowed it, and it hasn’t gone over well with Brown.

He’s already filed multiple grievances against the league, and although he argues it’s a safety issue, it seems as if the league isn’t going to budge.

Regardless, it looks like Brown is currently willing to practice with his new helmet on, and might have taken the words of his general manager to heart. Yesterday, Raiders GM Mike Mayock laid out an ultimatum to Brown, saying the receiver had to all-in or all-out when it comes to the team.

For now, he seems all-in, although if there’s anything this saga has taught us, it’s that anything is possible when it comes to Brown.