Raiders news: Antonio Brown takes to Twitter to find a new helmet
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Raiders’ Antonio Brown takes to Twitter to find a new helmet

Antonio Brown, Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have had a weird few weeks. Star wide receiver Antonio Brown has been missing from camp for a couple of reasons, and both are totally out there.

The first is that Brown got frostbite from using improper footwear in a cryotherapy machine. The even crazier one is that the former Pittsburgh Steeler was considering retirement if he didn’t get his old helmet back. Brown’s old helmet wasn’t up to league safety standards, so it was decided that it couldn’t be used. Brown went so far as to file a grievance against the league, which was promptly tossed out, though the league has made a compromise.

Now, he is looking for help from the fans:

While the whole incident seems silly, the helmet could actually affect Brown’s play. His claim is that the newer helmets the league is integrating into play restrict his vision. It’s unlikely that it would actually affect him significantly, but Brown isn’t known for taking compromises.

Despite being one of the best overall players in football, AB has seen his fair share of controversy. He infamously live-streamed a private locker room speech on Facebook. There have been multiple reports of Brown showing up late to practice. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin seemed to always butt heads with Brown, but put up with him because of the elite level of play and production. AB called out former Steelers teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster after Smith-Schuster won the team MVP award, in what seemed to be a display of third-grade maturity.

Antonio Brown has always been a diva, and it seems like he always will be. Perhaps a helpful fan will come to the rescue so the Oakland Raiders can keep their star receiver.