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Arden Key wants Raiders to draft LSU’s Devin White

As NFL teams begin to solidify their draft board and look towards free agency, one member of the Oakland Raiders has already begun petitioning his team to try and draft one of this weekends biggest combine stars.

Coming into the combine, LSU linebacker Devin White was viewed as high tier prospect, his standout performance at the combine catapulted him from potential first-round pick to possible top-10 pick.

Now, another young LSU star, Arden Key, is trying to get his Oakland Raiders to grab the player when it comes time to draft.

“Arden Key? Oh, man, that was big bro at LSU,” White said. “You know, one of the all-time greats, all-time sack leader. He’s a guy that’s got a phenomenal motor. He’s been putting the word in for me, they got the number four pick. He said that he would really love to play with me again, and for him being a defensive end, outside linebacker, he knows he’s going to need somebody in the middle to run the show and get everybody lined up and get everybody ready to go and fired up. Bring that energy and swagger to that defense, and he knows that I’m the guy to do it and he kind of pushing for his team to grab me when they have the chance.”

Of course, Key is likely very excited for his fellow LSU player to get drafted, but playing alongside him would probably help Oakland as well.

White tallied 286 tackles, 28.5 tackles for a loss, 8.5 sacks, and one interception through his three-year career at LSU (via 247 Sports).

Unfortunately for Key, however, the Raiders will be picking pretty high in the 2019 NFL Draft, and might have their eyes set on a bigger prize, like Quinine Williams, Josh Allen, or even Nick Bosa, should he slide.