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Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow says he’s ‘good enough’ for the NFL

Hunter Renfrow, Raiders

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow does not look like a football player, and he knows it, but he also knows he has some talent.

The rookie gets a kick out of the way others view his appearance, but he knows that once you get on the field, all of that goes out the window:

“I know I don’t look like I belong,” Renfrow said, according to Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area. “If I was in someone else’s shoes, I might make fun of me, too, with the hairline and the way I look. I think it’s funny, but you have to go out there and make plays. Between the lines, it doesn’t matter how you look. It’s about how you play.”

Renfrow, who played his collegiate football at Clemson, was originally selected by the Raiders in the fifth round (149th pick overall) of the NFL Draft back in April.

Through eight games in his first NFL season, he has logged 24 catches for 257 yards and a couple of touchdowns. That’s not much just yet, but the slot receiver has drawn comparisons to Julian Edelman, and he is ready to go out and prove it:

“I thought I was good enough to play at this level,” Renfrow said. “It’s one thing to think it, and another to go do it. Now I know I can make plays here.”

Renfrow’s playing time almost certainly opened up with the departure of Antonio Brown just before the season began, as beyond Tyrell Williams, Oakland does not have a whole lot in its receiving corps.

It seems like a great opportunity for the 23-year-old to show that he can, in fact, play pro football.