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Raiders’ Mark Davis anxious to find ‘solutions’ after watching George Floyd video

Mark Davis, Raiders

A growing group of athletes and sports figures has voiced a stance on the unlawful killing of George Floyd. Mark Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, is anxious to find ‘solutions’ after watching the video of Floyd’s death.

In a statement on the team’s official site, Mark Davis is calling for changes to be made amid the incidents occurring around the country:

“To watch a man be murdered by a uniformed police officer kneeling on the man’s throat for 9 minutes,” Mark Davis said. “While 3 uniformed police officers either assisted or stood by watching is disturbing in too many ways. To be honest I’m surprised that the resulting violence hasn’t been much worse. Emotions are high.”

Mark Davis continued:

The temperature is hot. And there’s static in the air. But burning your brothers’ house down is ultimately not the answer. Not only do we have to tell people there is something wrong.. We have to come up with solutions. That’s the challenge in front of us. Not only as Americans. But as human beings.

Everyone, including Mark Davis and the Raiders, can be in agreement that the police officer that murdered Floyd is an awful person. At the same time, everyone should be in agreement that changes need to be made. Richard Sherman and countless others have expressed their disgust for what’s transpired in the last week.

As a result of Floyd’s wrongful murder, there have been riots and protests that have been sparked around the country. While those protests and riots — for the most part — are for a good cause, there needs to be a conversation about the core of the issues. Mark Davis agrees.

Within those conversations, we need to begin manufacturing actual solutions to combat racial injustice and racial inequality. Mark Davis would agree on that point, too.

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