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NFL investigating Raiders over locker room COVID-19 breach

Las Vegas Raiders

The NFL has created a strict policy on who and who can’t enter the locker room amid concerns with COVID-19 this season. After violating the mask-wearing guidelines, the Las Vegas Raiders are being investigated for a possible locker room breach in Week 2.

According to ESPN, an unauthorized team employee entered the Raiders’ locker room without the credentials to do so after their game against the New Orleans Saints.

During Monday night’s game versus the Saints, both Jon Gruden and Sean Payton were seen not wearing masks for the entirety of the game. As a result, both of them were fined $100,000 and their respective teams were fined $250,000 as well.

Even though the league does daily COVID-19 testing, they are taking extra precautions with coaches required to wear face coverings on the sideline. Besides the mask-wearing issue, the Raiders are now involved in an investigation that could involve an unauthorized team employee entering the locker room.

The NFL, in hopes to limit the exposure to COVID-19, permits a maximum of 40 team employees in the locker room. Furthermore, those employees are required to be coaches, medical staff, equipment staff, security personnel, media relations personnel, the GM, and three front-office executives.

It remains to be seen who the unauthorized employee is and whether or not they were unauthorized to enter the locker room in the first place. Hence why the league is conducting an investigation to look deeper into the matter.

With concerns with the coronavirus remaining prevalent during the course of the season, the NFL isn’t taking any risks at any avenue. Therefore, even if the Raiders broke the rules or not, the league wants to ensure they are following the guidelines that were laid out before the season began.