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Oakland’s lawsuit against the Raiders and NFL gets dismissed


Back in 2018, the city of Oakland filed a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Raiders as they made the decision to relocate. After a couple of years of looking at the case, a judge dismissed Oakland’s lawsuit against the Raiders and the NFL.

When Oakland filed the lawsuit, they believed that the Raiders breached their contract with the city. As a result, they were looking to recover some of the money that they lost in the team’s relocation to Las Vegas. Nevertheless, a judge doesn’t believe there was a legitimate case to be had.

As a matter of fact, Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero said that Oakland isn’t eligible for compensation under the Clayton Act. For those that don’t know, the Clayton Act helps provide compensation for injuries to a property or business.

In addition, Spero exclaimed that Oakland failed to prove that they suffer from the NFL having 32 NFL teams. Within the lawsuit, Oakland claimed that the NFL should have 42 teams in the league.

Of course, the Raiders are scheduled to debut Allegiant Stadium — their new stadium — in 2020. Even though multiple construction workers have contracted the coronavirus, the stadium remains under construction. The Raiders hope that the stadium will be completed in the near future.

With the lawsuit behind them, the Raiders can keep their focus on making the move to Las Vegas. On the other hand, people in Oakland are stuck without a football team once again. Maybe way down the road, Oakland could be a city that features an expansion team.