Raiders news: Terrell Owens says Antonio Brown should apologize to GM Mike Mayock
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Terrell Owens says Antonio Brown should apologize to Raiders GM Mike Mayock

If there is anyone who knows about causing locker room issues, it’s former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, so he may be the most appropriate person to weigh in on the current situation between Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders.

But if you think Owens is about to defend Brown for his recent actions, you thought wrong.

Appearing on ESPN First Take on Friday, Owens said that he thinks Brown needs to apologize to Raiders general manager Mike Mayock after their heated dispute in practice on Wednesday.

“I think he should go and No. 1 apologize, talk to [Mike] Mayock and try to see if they can resolve this,” Owens said. “They’ve put so much into getting Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders. Obviously we’ve heard a lot about what happened in Pittsburgh, but obviously since that, there’s been a lot that has transpired since then.”

Brown was upset a $54,000 fine that was levied against him by the Raiders as a result of the wide out missing some time during training camp and decided to confront Mayock over it on Wednesday.

However, the discussion quickly got belligerent, which led to Oakland linebacker Vontaze Burfict having to restrain Brown, who apparently was willing to physically assault Mayock.

The Raiders then proceeded to suspend Brown, and there has been some discussion as to whether or not Oakland will try to void the $30.125 guaranteed salary that the 31-year-old is due.

The Raiders acquired Brown in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers back in March, sending a third-round draft pick and a fifth-rounder to the Steelers in return.