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Rumor: Jon Gruden has ‘effectively replaced’ Reggie McKenzie as Raiders GM

The Oakland Raiders made Jon Gruden one of the highest paid coaches in the entire NFL when they signed him to a massive 10-year, $100 million pact in the offseason. As it turns out, though, Gruden’s role with the Raiders appears to be much greater than just a coach.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, Gruden has “effectively replaced” Reggie McKenzie as the general manager of the team.

Gruden reportedly has final say on all personnel matters. That has already been felt this offseason with his move to oust punter Marquette King, as well as the Raiders’ recent drafting of some “high-risk, high-reward players.”

He’s also taken chances on players with some questionable track records by acquiring cornerback Daryl Worley and wide receiver Martavis Bryant, which was a significant departure from McKenzie’s strategy in recent years.

Given that Gruden’s pay scale rivals the likes of Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the Raiders have basically allowed his the ability to wield the same type of influence as those coaches on his roster.

However, he doesn’t have much of a track record with the personnel side of the job. The amount of risks he’s taken in terms of the team’s offseason moves is particularly notable and potentially concerning.

But the Raiders essentially made the same risk when they handed Gruden his massive contract. If Gruden turns out to be a success, then it will all be worth it. But if not, then the Raiders will have some major issues to sort out in the coming years.