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RUMOR: NFL insider speculates that Raiders could pursue Aaron Rodgers in 2021

Aaron Rodgers, Raiders

Rumors have been swirling about where Aaron Rodgers could play next if the Green Bay Packers decided to move on from him before he is ready to hang up the cleats. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk believes that if the Packers ship him off via trade, Jon Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders could pursue him.

The Packers would have to eat a lot of cap space through a trade, but there is technically a way they could save cap space. If Rodgers were to be on the roster for the 2021 season, he will count toward $36.352 million against the cap space.

If the Packers were to cut before the third day of the 2021 league year, they wouldn’t have to pay him a $6.8 million. By trading him, the Packers would actually save $4.796 in cap space and save $22 million in cash that they would have to pay him.

When the Packers traded Brett Favre to the New York Jets, they put a penalty on if the Jets traded him to a team in the NFC North. It’s hard to imagine the Packers would trade Rodgers to a team in the NFC North, even if they were willing to pay a high price for him.

The Raiders have Derek Carr, but if they were to release him after the season, they would only inquire $2.5 in dead cap space. Gruden loves his quarterbacks, and he is already probably drooling over the thought of getting Rodgers to Las Vegas.

The Raiders probably wouldn’t be afraid to give away a lot of assets to make a deal happen.