Raiders rumors: Oakland could offer Le'Veon Bell exact same contract as Antonio Brown
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RUMOR: Raiders could offer Le’Veon Bell exact same contract as Antonio Brown

It appears that two-thirds of the ‘Killer B’s’ could be reunited, this time wearing an Oakland Raiders uniform. Antonio Brown is already there, and it is a safe bet that Ben Roethlisberger is staying with the Pittsburgh Steelers, so that leaves Le’Veon Bell.

Per the Spotrac Twitter account, it is not out of the question for Bell to get a similar contract offer to Brown.

That would be quite the instant improvement, and that is without the impending fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Why not? Brown and Bell marched out of Pittsburgh together, well in the same off-season. It makes sense that they could re-join forces in a different uniform.

There is some appeal to Oakland. In fact, it had been rumored that Brown and Bell could be joined by Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray.

These are two of the top skill position players in the game today. Brown got this contract at 30 years-old after everything went down the way it did with the Steelers. Bell is only 27, but coming off a year of sitting out.

If he would be willing to take that contract, the Raiders offense instantly becomes, at minimum, one of the most interesting in the NFL heading into the 2019 season.

There are plenty of possibilities for Bell, as he will have many suitors. It just has to be wondered if the allure of playing with Brown again is enough for him to choose the Raiders.

If nothing else, Spotrac is just telling us that Oakland can afford to pull this off.