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Rams WR Allen Robinson speaks out on lack of targets from Matthew Stafford in Week 1 loss vs. Bills

Allen Robinson, Matthew Stafford

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills put on a show on the opening day of the season as they staked their claim as legitimate title contenders this season. The same cannot be said about the defending champs Los Angeles Rams, though.

For the most part, LA looked outclassed against their opponents as Allen led the Bills to a highly-impressive 31-10 statement win against the Rams.

Much like everyone else on the team not named Cooper Kupp, Rams wide receiver Allen Robinson also had a lackluster performance in Week 1. It wasn’t all on him, though, as the veteran pass-catcher was given a limited role in the loss.

Robinson was reportedly just targeted twice on 45 routes run, resulting in a career-low 4.4% target rate. Simply put, Matthew Stafford just wasn’t looking for Robinson on the field last Thursday.

Be that as it may, Allen Robinson remains completely confident in his QB. According to the 29-year-old, he has and will continue to trust in Stafford’s judgment (via Sarah Barshop of ESPN):

“At the end, everyone wants to get opportunities, but at the same time, some of the ways they played us and different things like that,” Robinson said. “I’ve just got to continue to do what I can do and try to maximize my opportunities. But in some games, that’s how it goes sometimes. This week [we] just need to go back to the drawing board, try to figure out how we can be better.”

Stafford himself admitted that he needs to be better after his poor showing against the Bills. Whether or not he starts targetting Robinson more in the weeks ahead, however, remains to be seen.