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Rams QB Blake Bortles believes preseason trip to Hawaii is a good bonding experience for L.A.

The Los Angeles Rams are getting ready to face the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL’s first preseason game at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Blake Bortles was one of the players asked if the trip to Hawaii will be a good bonding experience for the team.

“Definitely. We obviously get more time to go do stuff, you get time around dinner and in the afternoon you get a couple hours off to go hangout, go get dinner, go walk around, go see the things that are close to the hotel.”

When going to Hawaii, you typically envision a relaxing and stress-free vacation. But for the Rams, it is a business trip for some players as they try to earn themselves a spot on the 53-man roster. However, Sean McVay is likely in support of the players spending some time together off of the field.

Considering that players only get a few months during the offseason to unwind, trips like these are fun to be a part of. Even with a few months off, most players still spend time during the offseason to better themselves. One of those guys is Aaron Donald.

The Rams are not expected to play many starters this preseason and some of the starters didn’t even make the trip to Hawaii. Among the players who didn’t travel with the team are Jared Goff and Todd Gurley.

Without Goff, McVay can get a better look at Bortles, Brandon Allen, and John Wolford. Before the Rams take the field on Saturday against the Cowboys, Bortles will probably be chilling poolside or beachside with some of his teammates.