Rams news: Sean McVay says L.A. is not trading Brandin Cooks
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Rams HC Sean McVay says L.A. is not trading Brandin Cooks

Sean McVay, Brandin Cooks

After trading for him in the offseason and signing him to a big extension, the Los Angeles Rams have no plans on moving wide receiver Brandin Cooks anywhere.

Speaking to the media earlier today, Rams head coach Sean McVay was asked about Brandin Cooks by The Athletic’s Lindsay Jones, and McVay wasn’t shy in his praise for Cooks.

“I can’t say enough good things about Brandin Cooks,” said McVay. “And I guarantee you this: We’re not trading him.” The joke at the end is of course in reference to Cooks having been on three teams in a career that is surprisingly short. Cooks is still just 25-years old, and despite a large number of teams he’s already been on, he’s more than talented enough to contribute to a successful football team like the Rams.

Speaking to the media, Cooks was asked about his time in New England, as he was on the team that made it to the Super Bowl last year but unfortunately didn’t play much due to an early injury. Cooks will not only have a chance to play meaningful minutes in another Super Bowl in just a few days but will also have the chance to get his first Super Bowl ring in his young career.

According to Cooks, there are no hard feelings about the Patriots trading the receiver. “I think any time you get into that, you start to do things out of the ordinary,” he said, via CBS Boston. “I know I’m going against a great team, and I’m just blessed in that aspect to still be playing football in February and let everything else take care of itself.”