Rams news: Todd Gurley won't be filing a grievance against LA
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Todd Gurley won’t be filing a grievance against the Rams

Todd Gurley, Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have had a whirlwind of an offseason that included the shocking release of Todd Gurley. Despite owing him money, Gurley won’t be filing a grievance against Los Angeles this offseason.

Earlier this offseason, due to their dire cap situation, the Rams began fielding offers for the All-Pro running back. After having no teams express interest in a trade, Los Angeles chose to release Gurley, making him a free agent.

Upon his release, Gurley was still owed a $7.55 million roster bonus that could be reduced by $2.5 million. Even though he signed a one-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons, Gurley is still seeking the money owed to him by the Rams. Not long ago, Gurley jokingly told the Rams to “send me my money ASAP.”

While Gurley doesn’t plan on filing a grievance against Los Angeles, the same can’t be said for Clay Matthews. Similar to Gurley, Matthews was released by the Rams this offseason in a ploy to free up cap space for the future.

Following his release, Matthews is still owed $2 million in guarantees from the Rams. Amid the controversy, Rams GM Les Snead assures that Gurley and Matthews are going to get the money owed to them in due time.

“They’re definitely owed money. That money is guaranteed. We’re going to pay them,” Rams general manager Les Snead told NFL Network before the NFL draft. “There’s some language in the contract of exactly when you pay them, and that’s what we’re adhering by. What I do know is both Clay and Todd earned that money, and they’re going to get that money.”

Heading into the 2020 season, the Rams are extremely low in cap space. Luckily for them, Gurley isn’t creating any further complications by filing a grievance against his former team.