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Rams’ Johnny Hekker opens up about conversations with teammates about racism

The Los Angeles Rams held an open forum for players to discuss racism — a problem that has been hounding the United States since its birth. Punter Johnny Hekker appreciates his team’s initiative, noting that people — especially those who have a bigger platform — should do their part to curb and eventually eliminate racism.

Hekker appeared on The Jim Rome Show where he discussed the Rams’ open forum.

He noted that it was led by their coach Sean McVay as well as other Rams staffers of color.

“The conversations were great. It was led by coach McVay… They made an open forum for us to talk and express our feelings. Just to have open and honest communication about we’re feeling, what’s going on in our country, and how we can be better and how we can listen to each other.”

After the talks, Hekker came out with brand new realizations about racism. He also became aware of his stature as a celebrity, noting how strong of a voice he and other Rams players have compared to others.

“Just to have those conversations and realize that racism is not dead. It’s just a little subversive these days. People are still really facing an uphill battle because of the color of their skin…”

“We have to do better as white people of influence just to let people know that it’s not okay to do those things. And just find a way to lift people up of situations where they are being looked down on.”

The NFL had remained mum about the problems of racism for the last several years. The league was stuck to a degree. However, due to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the league seems to have recalibrated its vision and is now fully supporting its teams, such as the Rams, and their respective players.

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