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All signs point to Masai Ujiri staying in Toronto for the long haul

Raptors, Masai Ujiri

Masai Ujiri might arguably be the biggest free agent this summer despite not being a player. The Toronto Raptors architect, however, appears to be staying put.

In a report making the rounds from Sportsnet:

“They love him, and they believe in him,” said a source close to the MLSE board. “He’s won them a championship and they believe he’s going to win them some more.”

“Masai doesn’t share a lot; he’s very private and strategic in his own way,” said the source close to MLSE. “But if you were asking ‘Are they going to sign Masai?’ I would put it at 95 per cent yes.”

The report does note, however, these words weren’t from someone directly connected to Masai Ujiri or even the Toronto Raptors.

As mentioned earlier, most big-name NBA free agents are expected to stay with the teams they currently play for. In turn, Masai Ujiri is often whispered as a hot commodity for franchises looking to make a splash come the offseason. As one example, the Washington Wizards are forever linked to the Raptors’ main man.

As it always is, time will tell what happens with this situation. The Raptors can offer him a bit more than everyone else, as it appears they’re willing to give him roles within the larger, non-NBA part of the organization.