Raptors news: Danny Green hopes Kyle Lowry has 'changed his mind'
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Danny Green jokingly says he hopes Kyle Lowry has ‘changed his mind’ about offseason trade

Danny Green, Kyle Lowry

Following his team’s 100-94 series-clinching victory against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night, Toronto Raptors shooting guard Danny Green could not help but take a shot at teammate Kyle Lowry and his initial reaction to last summer’s blockbuster trade deal.

Much like the rest of the basketball community, Lowry felt a bit of betrayal following Toronto’s decision to unceremoniously trade former cornerstone star DeMar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for Kawhi Leonard and Green himself last summer. Lowry and DeRozan were extremely close, which made his reaction very much understandable.

Nonetheless, Green had to throw it back on Saturday, sharing to the media how he hopes Lowry is now less upset with the trade, given how the Raptors are en route to their first NBA Finals appearance in franchise history.

The Raptors front office was painted in a very bad light following their offseason dealings. Not only did they so willingly trade away one of their most loyal soldiers, but they also decided to fire the reigning Coach of the Year winner in Dwane Casey.

However, much like Green’s sentiments here, it seems that the Raptors have been vindicated here. Based on how things have turned out, they have proven how they made all the right moves last summer. This is the farthest the team have gone in the playoffs — ever — so no matter how they do in the Finals, very few will be able to downplay the success they have achieved this season.