Raptors news: DeMar DeRozan reveals his thoughts ahead of return to Toronto
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Spurs’ DeMar DeRozan reveals his thoughts ahead of return to face Raptors

The attachment between fans, player, and a city in the world of sports is something that can be unmatched when at its peak. That is the kind of connection that DeMar DeRozan had with the Toronto Raptors.

It was documented that DeRozan wanted to spend his whole career with Toronto across his chest. That goal fell short by way of a trade after nine seasons playing for the Raptors.

The star shooting guard will be making his return to the city since all that went down, and he shared some thoughts on his return.

DeRozan has moved on to good things with the San Antonio Spurs. He is having one of his best seasons to date, averaging 21.4 points and a career high 6.1 assists per game.

He returns to Toronto leading his Spurs, who are tied for sixth place in the Western Conference. The Raptors, however, hold a better record and sit second place in the East.

Time heals all wounds, and it is good that DeRozan does not hold a grudge toward the Raptors organization. He gave a lot to them, and the organization dealt him for Kawhi Leonard to lead the team farther into the playoffs. Toronto had some very tough playoff losses that led to the deal.

If there is one universal truth in the world of sports, it is that homecomings are one of the most emotional moments that can happen. For players like DeRozan who gave nearly a decade to one organization, this will be a very emotional and weird game to play.

Everything will be so similar, while also wildly different.