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Greg Monroe is looking to add the 3-pointer to his arsenal

These last few seasons have seen a rapid evolution of the NBA. The league has successfully abandoned the traditional approach and transitioned towards position-less basketball. Toronto Raptors big man Greg Monroe realizes this, but more on that in a second.

Point guards, like Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul, are now spending more time on the block, while big men like Brook Lopez, DeMarcus Cousins, and Al Horford have found great success in stepping beyond the arc and shooting threes.

Even Toronto Raptors big man Greg Monroe is reportedly getting in on the act and mastering his 3-point stroke, as per a tweet from Josh Lewenberg.

Monroe, who has never hit a 3-pointer in 12 attempts, is more known for his post moves and rebounding than outside shots. In his 8 year career, about 86% of his shots have come within the paint. If he really is intent on adding this to his arsenal, he has a long way to go before defenses start consistently closing out.

Personally, I feel that he needs to improve his defensive efficiency first as he had a rating of 108 in Boston and 115.8 in Phoenix, but if Moose is able to semi-consistently hit the 3-ball, it would do wonders for a Raptors team that finished 18th overall in three-point percentage last season.

This would also help decongest the lane and give Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard the space they need to drive inside.

Only time will tell if he can make this jump, but for what its worth, he does seem very confident in his abilities.

Who knows? We’ve seen crazier things happen in this league. After all, sometimes this change in perception is all we really need to succeed.