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Raptors news: Jonas Valanciunas has glitch-out moment in press conference similar to Draymond Green’s

Jonas Valanciunas

Following their huge win against Italy on Sunday in the EuroBasket tournament, the Lithuanian national team coach Jonas Kazlauskas and star center Jonas Valanciunas were at the podium during the post-game press conference. They were both asked questions by some members of the media about their performance, but what caught the attention of many was when the Toronto Raptors big man appeared to have “glitched” and looked lost.

The moment lasted around 28 seconds, as Valanciunas stared blankly despite his coach sitting right beside him and discussing how pleased he was with their game.

Valanciunas’ “glitch” is not the first time a player has done that during a press conference. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond also had that same type of incident last year. After a playoff game win, he and his former teammate Festus Ezeli were also addressing reporters when Green also stared blankly at something in the press conference.

The real reason for the “glitch” is anybody’s guess at this point, but it could be that they were both thinking of something and zoned into it without minding the situation they were in.

Regardless of the reason, Valanciunas isn’t alone in this flaw, and winning a key EuroBasket game prior to the presser will definitely give him more slack for blanking in front of reporters.