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Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry working hard on getting on same page

Kawhi Leonard Kyle Lowry

The biggest questions for the Toronto Raptors surround Kawhi Leonard. Will he stay their long-term? Is he happy to be in Toronto? Will he be able to finally lead the Raptors to their first appearance in the NBA Finals? These are all valid questions but first, how will Leonard and Kyle Lowry fit together on the court?

That’s something that Nick Nurse and his staff are already working on. According to Josh Lewenberg of TSN Sports, Lowry said:

“We have to be on the same page and I think we’re gonna be on the same page. He’s a heck of a player.”

Lowry’s in a tough position. It’s obvious that he’s not happy with the way the franchise handled the entire situation. They traded one of his closest friends and summarily blindsided the entire team with the news. But Lowry must move forward and learn how to play with Leonard despite how he feels about the way Kawhi was brought in.

Lowry and Leonard are both great players. They’re bonafide stars and they should be able to figure one another out. That being said, chemistry isn’t always there from day one. The Raptors know this and Lewenberg is reporting that Lowry and Leonard have been paired together in most drills during camp.

The two are taking a crash course in learning to play with each other. If the Raptors hope to be successful this year — and maybe even convince Leonard to stick around — Lowry and Leonard will have to be on the same page.