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Kawhi Leonard excludes himself when talking about Raptors’ championship

Kawhi Leonard, Raptors

Kawhi Leonard is happy to help the Toronto Raptors win their first NBA championship, but his post-game comments seems to indicate that it’s over for him and the team.

Talking to reporters in his presser after leading the Raptors to a Game 6 victory, Leonard said that bringing the franchise’s first championship is the most satisfying thing for him. However, what stood out the most in his remarks was when he excluded himself from the team, emphasizing that the win is “something the Raptors could build on.”

Leonard is set to be a free agent this season, and plenty of teams are expected to pursue him. While there have been talks that Kawhi may opt to stay on a short-term deal in Toronto — especially after their championship run — the prevailing idea is that the now two-time Finals MVP could look for a move back to his hometown in Los Angeles.

Sure enough, there shouldn’t be too much emphasis on such words. After all, Leonard previously mentioned that he is “YET” to purchase a property in Toronto — one which raises hopes that he might actually stay in the Canadian city. Nevertheless, hearing Kawhi address the team like he’s not part of it will certainly raise some concerns.

Only time will tell where Kawhi will go. For now, the Raptors and their fans can celebrate their first trophy.