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Video: Kyle Lowry gets double-technical, ejected vs. Wizards

Kyle Lowry

The Toronto Raptors are in the middle of a tough match against the Washington Wizards which has become tougher for them after point guard Kyle Lowry was ejected in the second quarter of Sunday’s contest.

Lowry was shown the door by the game’s officials after getting consecutive technical fouls for incessantly complaining. Lowry was ticked off after not getting what he thought was a foul from Wizards guard Tim Frazier while making a spin-move in the paint. Lowry left the contest with just two points, an assist, and a rebound. On a side note, Lowry kissed the baby on his way out of the court.

With Lowry out, the Raptors are missing on a grand opportunity to capitalize on the absence of Wizards guard John Wall, who is sitting out the game with a shoulder injury. DeMar DeRozan will shoulder most of the load with Lowry in the locker room, while Fred VanVleet and Delon Wright will get a boost in minutes at the point guard position.

The Raptors trail Washington at the half, 62-46.

And no Mr. Lowry, kissing an infant may be an adorable thing to do, but that won’t reverse the ruling on your ejection.