Raptors news: Kyle Lowry on load management -- ‘Helped me win a championship’
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Raptors’ Kyle Lowry on load management — ‘Helped me win a championship’

Kyle Lowry

Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry is currently nursing a lingering thumb injury that will ultimately keep him away from the court for an extended period of time. However, while Lowry would much rather be on the court than along the bench injured, the veteran signal caller obviously understands that resting is his best option at the moment and has been throughout his career.

With the topic of “load management” taking over the majority of NBA headlines thus far into the 2019-20 regular season, Lowry is seemingly one of the very few fans of such a movement. Not only that, but Lowry believes that resting helped both he and the Raptors win a NBA Championship last season.

“Load management is an amazing thing. I believe in it,” the longtime Raptors point guard told recently Rachel Nichols on ESPN’s The Jump, via Bleacher Report. “Helped me win a championship.”

Of course, in addition to Lowry advocating for “load management” to continue at least from a player’s perspective, one of his former Raptors teammates in current Los Angeles Clippers swingman Kawhi Leonard sits at the forefront of such a controversy. Despite the fact that the 2019-20 NBA regular season is only a few weeks old, Leonard has already missed several games due to either “load management” or rest.

Obviously this is helpful for players and their health going forward, but fans of the league — in addition to some high ranking executives — are still unhappy about these decisions as they sometimes force Leonard and other superstar caliber players to miss big time or nationally televised outings.