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Raptors news: Vince Carter documentary ‘The Carter Effect’ out on Netflix

Vince Carter, The Carter Effect, Netflix

The Vince Carter documentary entitled “The Carter Effect” will be out of Netflix.

As posted by UNINTERRUPTED, the Carter documentary will discuss his impact on basketball, pop culture, and also the Canadian basketball scene.

Below is the trailer:

The documentary made its premiere in September 2017 at the Toronto Film Festival.

The documentary was directed by Canadian Sean Menard, executive produced by LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Drake and Adel “Future the Prince” Nur, from production company UNINTERRUPTED.

As reported by Radheyan Simonpillai of Now Toronto, Drake reflected on what the Carter effect is for him. Vinsanity’s impact was a strong influence on his hip-hop career:

“It just let me know that it was possible,” said Drake, drawing the parallel between an American athlete making it in Toronto to a Canadian artist making it in the U.S. “It was confidence. It was the realization that it was attainable. This guy could come over here and lift us up. Imagine if it was one of us that could make it out there.”

LeBron, for his part, noted Carter’s effect on Canada as a whole. Despite only playing four seasons in Toronto, Carter’s influence became long-lasting:

“Vince Carter set the standard for how the game should be played,” said LeBron James, not just referring to Carter’s dunk style but also the way the former Raptor served as an ambassador for Toronto’s culture.

“When any one individual can captivate a city, they’re going to support that individual for a long time,” James continued, explaining that Carter’s appeal was bigger than one city. “Vince had a whole country supporting him.”