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Report: Raptors star Kyle Lowry’s hand injury involves a ligament

Kyle Lowry’s subpar offensive play has been largely tied to a hand injury, which won’t be addressed until the offseason. The Toronto Raptors point man told reporters of it last week, when they inquired about the state of his injury, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic:

“The injury dates to Game 7 of the conference semis, and he’s has been playing with it heavily taped,” wrote Vardon. “Sources told me the injury, specifically, is a ligament, and Lowry has said publicly that whatever the injury is, it can’t be addressed until the offseason. When he isn’t playing, Lowry has his hands stuffed into a blue, oversized oven mitt for compression to help with circulation. He looks like Cookie Monster with that thing.”

A ligament injury to his left thumb would make it much tougher than a simple bruise to recover from, as the constant strain when handling the ball, receiving it and changing directions can be a painful thing to play through, not including the constant grabbing, pulling, and bumping that occurs through regular play:

“It’s about passing. I’m a big passer,” Lowry told ESPN’s “The Jump.” “You know, the flicking of the passing, the kind of — the ball movement, handling the ball. During the game, honestly, I can’t feel my thumb… I’ll have to take care of it after the season but I don’t want to talk about it as much.”

This is the second time Lowry has vaguely said that he’ll need to “take care of it” during the offseason, which implies he may need to go under the knife to correct it.

The Raptors floor general is averaging a mere 10 points per game in the series, shooting 30% from the floor and 33% from deep.