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Video: Dell Curry reacts to Drake wearing his Raptors jersey

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You have to hand it to Drake. The omnipresent Global Brand Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors is having himself quite an NBA Playoffs run. With the NBA Finals on Canadian soil for the first time in NBA history, it is certainly Drake’s time to shine. Seeing as the Warriors will be starting the Finals on the road for the first time in five straight Finals trips, Drake was doubly obligated to bring the heat in his first appearance as a Raptors brand ambassador on the NBA’s biggest stage.

Not unsurprisingly, Drake covered up his Kevin Durant tattoo with an armband, but perhaps his most notable choice of garb on Thursday night was his jersey: Drake opted for a vintage Dell Curry jersey as both a remembrance of the tremendous Raptors team from the early 2000s and a mild troll of the Warriors’ inimitable Splash Brother Stephen Curry.

Of course, Dell and his wife Sonya were on hand to cheer on their son Steph, and they were also spotted getting their first look at Drake’s jersey before Game 1 took place on Thursday night:

As you can see, both Sonya and Dell aren’t particularly shocked at it, as their collective reaction is of wry bemusement rather than shock.

The Currys and Drake make eye contact and share a smile, and they both got their separate ways. Only time will tell if Drake’s slight trolling works out well for the Raptors ambassador.