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Rare photo of Kawhi Leonard smiling

In the latest breaking news, the infamously emotionless Kawhi Leonard ACTUALLY cracked a smile. Kawhi was at an Indy Car event this past weekend in Sonoma, California as part of Honda’s “Fastest Seat in Sports” event. While there, he hopped in a car with the legend Mario Andretti to join him in the race and was understandably nervous. Quite the leap for his first race. Madalyn Mendoza of MySA.com quoted him stating,

I want to just hurry up and get in the car so I can stop thinking about it – there’s anticipation and worrying about if everything is going to go alright. I just want to be in the moment now.

However when the race was over, Kawhi was seen cracking a smile that would have made The Joker proud. When spoke to after the race about his time with Mr. Andretti he had this to say.

It went great. I felt good out there with him. I told him, my insurance is high so make sure you drive great.

It’s good to see that Kawhi is not just a cold robot designed to play basketball and can actually express emotions. In addition to him, Steph Curry and his wife were in attendance, and they also participated in the festivities.


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