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Ravens not ruling out possibility of quarantining Lamar Jackson as extra precaution

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Considering that COVID-19 is clearly still going around, the Baltimore Ravens might have to be extra imaginative to make sure their key players are safe, especially star quarterback Lamar Jackson.

With that said, Ravens head physician Dr. Andrew Tucker isn’t ruling out the possibility of quarantining Jackson to keep him COVID-free during training camp and when the season finally begins.

“Not that I know of. I can’t speculate on if things change in the community or change in the team, there might be a different approach. I wouldn’t rule it out,” Tucker said when asked if the Ravens have a plan of isolating Jackson, per NBC Sports.

The suggestion of isolating players has been picking up online, as fans continue to play the guessing game on how best to mitigate the pandemic. Though teams have been quite proactive when it comes to testing their players and providing a safe environment during training camp, being extra cautious and quarantining key members of the team doesn’t sound so far fetched.

Lamar Jackson said the he didn’t have one tick of the virus in him after his tests came out negative. The Ravens star even referred to himself as the new ‘Bubble Boy‘ after his initial quarantine.

Obviously, the Ravens want to keep their players COVID-19 free, and rest assured that the team’s medical staff will do whatever’s necessary to keep everyone’s safety their number one priority during the next few weeks — even if it means creating a bubble for the reigning NFL MVP.