Ravens news: Earl Thomas not expected to be suspended for hit on Mason Rudolph
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Ravens safety Earl Thomas not expected to be suspended for hit on Mason Rudolph

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The Baltimore Ravens were victorious against division rivals Pittsburgh Steelers to reinstate them back to the top of the AFC North. However, the game wasn’t the cleanest of victories as they won the game in overtime.

Moreover, Earl Thomas is involved in a rough play that some Steelers fans are calling foul over. He pulled off an unnecessary play on Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph that left plenty of football fans wincing at the play.

It was a helmet-to-chin collision that sent the second-year quarterback unconscious to the ground. He was immediately taken off the field due to fears of concussion. He was also admitted to the hospital for a short while to ensure his safety.

Some Steelers fans are probably calling for Thomas to be suspended over his actions. However, the NFL is staying their hands on the issue. Tom Pelissero reported that the league will be checking the hit for any possible fines.

Moreover, Thomas clarified that he didn’t mean to harm the 24-year-old passer. He was just committing to the play, trying to prevent him from completing a pass.

Bleacher Report’s Joseph Zucker wrote:

“I didn’t go high. I didn’t intentionally try to hurt him,” Thomas said, per The Athletic’s Jeff Zrebiec. “I’m worried about him. I heard he’s at the hospital. My prayers go out to him and his family. I’ve never tried to hurt anybody. At the end of the day, guys have families.”

The league will inform Thomas in the following days the amount of the fine he will get after their independent review. Meanwhile, Steelers Nation will be praying that their quarterback won’t be listed out of their coming game against the Los Angeles Chargers.