Ravens news: John Harbaugh would like to see Lamar Jackson avoid 'certain hits'
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Ravens coach John Harbaugh would like to see Lamar Jackson avoid ‘certain hits’

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While having a dual-threat quarterback is a nice luxury that opens up your whole offense, it can also be hard to watch, particularly if you are the head coach.

Just ask Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who is a bit concerned about the amount of hits Lamar Jackson is taking.

“I’m impressed with his toughness, there’s no question about that,” Harbaugh said, according to Jonas Shaffer of The Baltimore Sun. “The goal is not probably to take certain hits. There were probably two in them there that I probably would’ve rather seen him not get hit on, you know? But I think we also have to acknowledge that those are going to happen throughout the course of the year — hopefully less rather than more. You don’t want a quarterback — I wouldn’t expect him to be running that many times very many times this year; that’s just the way it went.”

Harbaugh was referring to Jackson’s performance against the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday, when the signal-caller punctured the Bengals for 152 yards on 19 carries.

But throughout that outing, Jackson took more hits than Harbaugh would have liked, which is to be expected when your quarterback runs the football 19 times.

And for Jackson, taking off that many times is not really anything new, as he has logged double-digit carries three times this season, registering 14 and 16 attempts in those other two games.

On the season overall, Jackson has carried the ball 69 times for 460 yards and a couple of touchdowns, but Harbaugh would probably trade some of that rushing yardage for less physical damage to his young quarterback.