Baker Mayfield jokingly called Lamar Jackson's mother “intimidating” ahead of the Week 11 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers. Mayfield revealed that Jackson's mother had urged him to go down to Florida and train with Lamar after the Heisman ceremony, before crediting her for her son's tough nature.

After hearing about the comments from Mayfield, Jackson looked candidly confused and caught off guard in what was a hilarious reaction, via Sarah Ellison.

“By my mama? He said he's intimidated by my mama?” Jackson asked the reporter.

“Y'all are telling me something new. I don't recall,” said Jackson when asked about the comments. “I do not recall. I'm clueless,” added Jackson while laughing with the media.

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Mayfield and Jackson won the Heisman in back-to-back seasons. Jackson won the award during his sophomore season at Louisville in 2016 and Mayfield won at Oklahoma in 2017 in his redshirt senior campaign. Mayfield went on to be the No. 1 overall pick at the 2018 NFL Draft, while Jackson was selected 32nd.

Mayfield said that his conversations with Jackson's mother occurred during the Heisman awards ceremony “after a few drinks.” It seems Jackson was entirely unaware that Mayfield and his mother had even spoken, and he was certainly caught off guard that the Panthers QB found her to be “intimidating,” though his comments were said in good nature.

Jackson and Mayfield were division rivals in the AFC North prior to the latter joining the Carolina Panthers. After being relegated to clipboard duty in favor of PJ Walker, Mayfield is expected to draw his first start since Week 5 when the Panthers head up to Baltimore on Sunday. Perhaps after the game some reintroductions are in order.