Ravens news: Marquise Brown, Mark Andrews' injuries aren't serious, says John Harbaugh
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Marquise Brown, Mark Andrews’ injuries aren’t serious, says Ravens’ John Harbaugh

Marquise Brown, Mark Andrews, John Harbaugh, Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens enjoyed a narrow win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. However, Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews went down with injuries. John Harbaugh was rightly concerned about the condition of his team after the win.

However, he’s not worried that his stars will be missing significant time due to their injuries.

Ravens Wire’s Matthew Stevens revealed that the coach isn’t entirely worried about the health of his players. He thinks that their injuries aren’t anything serious.

The team has the two players checked after they were taken off the field. Brown was able to return to the game after going down in the second quarter. The time he sat out nursing his injury probably helped him secure the condition of his lower leg.

Meanwhile, Andrews wasn’t able to return to the game as his nagging foot injury stopped him from playing his best. He was able to clear himself to play on time. However, he only managed to play 43 of the Ravens’ 81 offensive snaps.

The two are still young in their respective careers, so it’s understandable that Harbaugh expects the two of them to be back on the team within the week.

Another reason why Harbaugh wants the two back as soon as possible is due to their importance to the Ravens offense. Marquise Brown has played in all five games and started four of them. He has completed 326 passing yards and three touchdowns. Meanwhile, Andrews has completed a total of 863 receiving yards and six catching touchdowns in his second year.