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Ravens WR Marquise Brown reacts to Justin Tucker saving his behind vs. Lions


Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker made his case as possibly the greatest kicker ever during his team’s thrilling Sunday matchup with the Detroit Lions, breaking the record for the farthest kick in NFL history by sending a 66-yard field goal to put his team up 19-17 with seconds to go. After the game, teammate Marquise Brown showed Tucker some much-deserved love on Twitter.

The “mistakes” Brown is referring to in the tweet are the three passes he dropped in the first half of the game, two of which could have potentially led to touchdowns and kept the Lions at bay. He finished the game with just three catches for 53 yards, a truly off-day for him. Even still, Brown says he’ll take the W no matter how it comes, even if it requires one of the most miraculous kicks in the history of the sport.

Not only did the ball somehow manage to soar 66 yards in perfect alignment with the goal post, it actually hit the crossbar at such an angle that it bounced forward to complete the field goal.

“When it went off his foot, I thought it had a chance,” Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said postgame per The Athletic (H/T NFL.com), and would go onto say  that Tucker is “the best kicker in NFL history.”