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Ryan Grant deal with Ravens void after physical

Ryan Grant

Washington Redskins receiver Ryan Grant thought he had found a new home after agreeing to a four-year, $29 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens. But as it turns out, his deal with the Ravens is ‘nevermore.’

He failed his physical.

The only bad thing about the NFL’s legal tampering period is that while teams and players can agree to terms, players can’t visit facilities. So, teams have to wait to conduct a physical prior to signing someone. Normally, that in itself is not a big deal because injuries are usually fairly well known.

Grant’s physical was expected to go off without a hitch. But the Ravens doctors found something they didn’t like. Whatever the issue was, has not been made public. So, whatever bothered the Ravens medical staff may not be a problem for another team.

The deal (four-years $29 million with $14.5 million guaranteed) was considered pretty generous for a player that has not done much. While he has played in every game since being drafted in 2014, he has just 84 receptions for 985 yards and six touchdowns to his name. He did most of the work last season (45 receptions for 573 yards and four touchdowns).

He wouldn’t have been the first wide receiver to be overpaid this offseason. Sammy Watkins will make $16 million next season despite his injury history and lack of production. Albert Wilson has seven career touchdown receptions and set a new career high with 554 yards last season. But the Dolphins still signed him for $8 million a season.

It will be interesting to see what Grant will be able to find now. That is, if he can convince anyone he’s healthy enough to sign.